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March 25, 2010


Well said. It is a "matter of taste." And thank goodness we have different opinions of what tastes best.

I prefer the first version, but, had I processed the image, I would have almost automatically taken the steps you did with the one posted here.

Having our own digital darkrooms requires restraint and sensitivity to the image. More (saturation, contrast, "pop") doesn't necessarily equal better. "More" may catch our eye quickly, but it often becomes overwhelming just as quickly.

I agree with your comment on processing for print. Do that, and let the screen image fall where it may. You never know what it will look like on someone else's screen anyway.

In general, I like the advice of those who preach moderation in post-processing. However, I think your advice of pushing the boundaries is useful because maybe one person's moderation is another person's boring. How else do we know where to draw the line?

"How else do we know where to draw the line?"

This is exactly the point I was trying to make. It is only by pushing boundaries that you develop your individual sense of how much is enough versus too much. The catch is that if you have a poor sense of taste you'll have a hard time determining what's appropriate to the subject matter. Viewers can give you helpful feedback and you can compare your work with that of acknowledged masters, yet in the end it still comes down to individual judgment and taste. Somehow, the best photographers develop an unerring sense of what's just right for their images and it is only fools who beg to differ.

Good advice, as always, Gordon.

For what it's worth, I like this version better. But then I'm a contrast junkie :-)

Still a great, spontaneous shot! I stand by my previous opinion, for whatever that's worth; I think the ball is possibly over-saturated now but I think the asphalt and the curb are excellent. But, as you said, that's all down to taste. It's interesting that this version looks worse when printed.

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