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March 20, 2010


I love this photo. It appears to me as a one-eyed clown with the big red nose, yellow mouth and a white eye.

As always, I appreciate your photos. They work on so many levels. Simple but complex. Your compositions sit just right. I'm at home with my kids age 3 and 1. I've been working at my job as a full-time career for the kids for 2 years now and love it even after 26 years traveling the world as a TV cameraman.
Now I religiously wear my G10 or DSLR camera even on trips to the supermarket or the kids' music class. It's not Patagonia anymore but it's my world. So I very much appreciate your encouragement to feed the creative soul and express myself through photography. Not many photographers would fail to make good photos in a place like Patagonia, but you prove it's possible to make strong and interesting photos in urban landscapes even where and when sometimes such images aren't so obvious.

Gordon, to answer your question I personally might add a saturation adjustment layer masked so that it affects only the yellow stripe and bump the yellow some (not to where it is on par with the red sphere, just some) and then another adjustment layer (probably curves) masked to only affect the asphalt and play with darkening that. But that's just me. Your photo as it is looks very "real" with the sphere dominating. My personal preference might be for the other relevant colors (black and yellow) to both compete/balance the sphere some.

It's a brilliant photo. Your eye for seeing shape, color, and texture in mundane settings is really keen. I doubt I would have noticed the photographic potential in a scene like this, but you make it look like it was screaming in its obviousness. I really have so much admiration for your talent (am I too complimentary? Is your head too big yet?).


Thank you for the compliments. I am blushing a bit, but as for getting a big head, I could be the greatest photographer on Earth and yet not one out of ten people would recognize me if I walked down the street--which suits me just fine. As for your suggestions on the image, I'm in general agreement. If I do any further adjustments I'll post both versions.

This is the first time I have found your website, and I am pleased. I am still a film photographer, amateur, and love the consistency, and the pleasure of taking time to get the right shot. Lots of digital users think I am crazy, but my photos are turning out better with film.
I will be back, keep up the good work.

I like this photograph as it is, with its high-key background surrounding the deep and saturated red of the ball. It's a great shot indeed.
But if you plan to tweak density and saturation a little bit, I think I'll like it anyway. In a different way.
As for the everyday life you describe, you coudn't get a better point: awareness, method, an open eye and the right amount of editing are the basis of a consistent body of work. Personally, I'd add a couple of hour of bicycle riding every time it's possible. It adds to productivity a lot.

No, I don't believe you. What, you claim to do more than photography...hmm. Lucky for you I can relate ;)

As to your image, I like it just the way it is. IMO, sometimes, Photoshop can be as much a curse as a useful tool. I am an advocate of less is more, when it comes to photography. We should emphasize it is the presence of mind to see and capture such an image- the art of seeing- and not the PP that comes later, that makes this a fine image. But I take it you mean a little tweaking.

Good articles and a great image.


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