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August 23, 2010


During the Great Depression, Picture Post magazine sent the great Bill Brandt to the North of England to document the working classes (or not working, it being The Depression) there. Much to the editor's despair, most of the images were indistinguishable from the ones he'd taken of the working class in the East End of London. I think he sent Bert Hardy north to do the assignment again.

I happen to like the way that you look at the world.

Maybe it's genetic. What we choose to shoot, that is.

I just sent my son a link to a photo album of my recent vacation in Minneapolis and Chicago, and his comment was, "gee, you like to shoot the same kinds of photos that I do."


"I happen to like the way that you look at the world."

Hear, hear!

Bob, I think that's a great observation.

For years, I was intimidated from shooting because my dad captured such beautiful "unconscious candids" of people over their shoulders or in profile at family gatherings, and my mom shot these gorgeous macro flowers, complete with bokeh.

Guess what -- other than my tennis fanshots -- I find myself near-unconsciously shooting? :-)

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