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October 20, 2010


Congratulations. If anyone deserves to be in this, it surely is you. I've learned more from photographers like yourself (from viewing your photos here and on Zen and from your writing) than from the glitzier and more well known photographers.

Through you, and others like Michael Johnston and Michael Reichmann, I learned that images don't have to be slick, glossily reproduced and be associated with the term "production values" to be art (more often the opposite, in fact).

This is just the type of photo book I now buy.

Congratulations! Do we get a preview of which photo is in the book, or do we have to wait until the book is actually out?
I was reading about George's book on his blog (http://www.georgebarr.blogspot.com/) the other day and wondering who/what might be in it; now I just have to wait to find out who the other 51 might be. Given George's good eye, you are sure to be in interesting company.
I am glad that he has finished the book and has got back to blogging a bit--along with TOP and your site, his site has been one of my long time favourites.

(what a cool cover design btw)

It's the type of book I am interested in, but rarely see. Now we'll just have to wait until Amazon Japan or some other company here gets around to offering it.

Hey Gordon, I think we're still waiting to know which of your photographs is in the book :-)

It should be available within a week or two so the suspense will soon be over. I doubt you'll be surprised at which image of mine he chose, but for those of you who didn't seize the opportunity to buy one of the original prints when they were for sale, 30 bucks is a heck of a deal for a book with so many great photos by so many excellent photographers. I am sincerely flattered to have been included.

The cat's out of the bag now, Gordon :-)

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