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December 23, 2010


Merry Christmas to you Gordon and your family. Thanks for the articles I could read on your page in 2010. I'm looking forward for 2011. All the best wishes!

Spot on. Well said. :)

Best for the Christmas for you and yours. What I am looking forward most to is the end of this 365 project. I firmly told myself at the beginning of the year that I just needed to take a photo a day, doesn't need to be good. Now when I can't put my best effort into it on a daily basis I feel vaguely ashamed. Lots of pressure, it will be nice to get an ease.

5. KNOWLEDGE, which partly coincides with DISCRIMINATION, and partly means reading, seeing, reading, traveling, reading, thinking, reading, listening to people, reading, watching what other photographers do, reading, visiting museums, reading and reading again.
Thank you Gordon for taking photo blogging to such a level.
I wish all the best to you and your family.

Merry Christmas, One question though, How can you be writing this on Xmas eve when Xmas eve isn't here yet?


>>How can you be writing this on Xmas eve when Xmas eve isn't here yet?<<

Good catch. I'm vacationing with family in rainy Southern California and my days are confused. Is it New Year's Day yet?

Merry Christmas, and nice holidays from here as well. And thanks for sharing your thoughts here on your blog, that's really appreciated.


Maybe because of the time difference it actually was Christmas Eve?


Well said.

Happy New Year.

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