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June 25, 2011


Gordon, great advice. Love the rocking chairs, interesting & restfull.

Martha's Vineyard is heaven on earth! I spent ten days in the Cape Cod area, including MV, and got fantastic photos early in the morning, especially during sunrise. I am not an early riser, but didn't want to miss any of that precious light!

I live in Laguna Beach, CA. Paradise West. I can only add this: Did you REALLY have to mention Morning Light? I'm a morning person and going down to Main Beach in Laguna is one of my favorite things to do. Of course I bring my camera. Always bring my camera. Crowds don't exist at those hours. So why give them a reason to get up early and . . . oh forget it, I'm going down to the beach right now! And with my camera.

If I learn something it's especially great advice. I learned something!

You might enjoy these. I started visited the Vineyard in the mid-1970s when my wife's aunt and uncle lived there. We went mostly in the summer, but occasionally in the winter to prove we weren't only fair weather freeloaders.

Aa for getting up in the morning, it's sometthing of joke with me now that If I try to go to the Edgartown lighthouse at sunrise I won't be able to see anything for all the tripods of the people in photographer Allison Shaw's summer workshops.


Well said and also worth following while in your local environment. Act like a tourist / travel photographer can give one the opportunity to see things locally we might overlook.
Your sample images from the trip express this attitude quite well. Love the chairs and verandah with sky. The family shot adds a story line to the trip too. Great post as always Gordon!


Wow. Your photos of the Vineyard are awesome and a perfect accompaniment to this post's theme. The photographers who attend Allison's workshops (she's a fine photographer in her own right, by the way) could learn a lot just by following you around--not that you'd necessarily want that of course.

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