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September 06, 2011


I feel exactly the same way. Being Scottish I tend to buy the UK or European magazines whenever I can get them. C'T is by far the BEST magazine of its kind. Thanks for this review. It reinforces my beliefs. There's hope for me yet.

Wow, Gordon, thanks. I had never heard of this.

Too right mate ... same here in Australia. What really gets right up my bracket, is that the same shots, photos and models appear in so many rags. It's a real turnoff. The other irritant is the inability of many mags to place a story or commentary or review in much more depth than a 2 page spread, littered with silly photographs.

They remind me of those investment magazines featuring "Fred and Mary" and a story about their nest egg - with a huge coloured photo of the happy couple in their rose garden, with their fluffy dog, walking on the beach or at their shack in the woods. Crap.

I will give the said magazine a go ... it will be there on the stand, with the other 20 or so rags, between the Tattoos section and the latest edition "Bikies Tarts" ... probably with the same models !

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