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August 09, 2012


Thanks for the practical review of the "state of the art". It was just like reading those assessments of the new Bentley Continental or Rolls in the auto mags - something wonderful but really not relevant to mere mortals. With photography for a hobby would I like one of those? Yes. Do I need one? No. Would it make me a better photographer? Doubtful. [Well, let's be honest - No!] Still, its nice to read your review and I always look at the adverts - I'm glad you had fun.

I'm currently shooting the "mere" Canon 5DMK2 and can endorse the terrabyte need. My equally aging iMac is under constant pressure. I'm actually frightened to go out shooting. Still, I've been endeavoring to constitute the purchase of a new all-singing 27" iMac so no real complaints!

Great review of both cameras but I think I'll stick with the MK2 and the wonderful Zeiss Contax N24-85mm Conorus converted lens that is glued to it.

I have the 5D3 - my first full frame DSLR. I also have a 1D 4 and resisted the temptation to buy a 1D X on financial grounds. I have to say that the 5D3 blows me away on macro work and I am hugely impressed. Battery life isn't brilliant using Live View but thats about my only quibble. If I'm allowed to link to some of my own examples then feel free to look at these:


I have a laptop that is almost 3 years old and I use a 1Tb external drive for storing my images. I find LR4 is slow loading the files from Library to Develop and CS6 can be quite sluggish if you use layers and build up multi 100 mb files. But would I give up my 5D3? Not through choice. I can't imagine what the 1D X can do that I would want on top of the 5D 3 but hey, if someone wants to treat me, feel free. But too pricey and probably too heavy for a retired bloke like me.

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