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November 08, 2012


I agree with you on that front... I discovered it quite by accident though, as part of doing a 365 Project (just get to snap pictures in random places).

What I love is the concrete, and the texture that comes up as part of it.

Here is a quick sample of some of mine.


Ever seen the parking garage in New York at the end of East 23rd Street and the East River? It's the automotive equivalent of Frank Lloyd Wright's Guggenheim.

There are few things in life finer than a good parking garage.

Striking photos! That first one is a real stunner.

Parking garages also provide a great place to get elevation for shooting pictures of other things, a fact which I know you've used to excellent effect in the past.

I find the concept of exposing for the highlights is my preference for city environments too. Big cities like Chicago have lots of contrast during the day. Letting the shadows go black brings out the graphic qualities of all that architecture. I like it in both B&W and color images.

Great images Gordon!

I have to say, you are a leader in the area of practical photography, as a hobby. Rarely do I read blogs that result in: "Hey, I could do that, and probably enjoy it, if I would just and take the time to do it......With equipment I already own."

Thanks for everything.

Lovely lighting there. I'm sure that security might think you're a potential thief though...

>>I'm sure that security might think you're a potential thief though...

Oddly enough, I've had zero problems with security personnel or parking attendants. Most guys don't question why another guy would want to take a picture of a car or in a parking garage, as long as he isn't actually touching anything. On the rare occasions when I do attract attention, I'm very relaxed, friendly, and open about what I'm doing. If someone were to ask me to stop, I would. There's always another parking garage somewhere else.

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