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September 06, 2008


I do enjoy reading your blog, have it included in "My Favorites" and check frequently to see if you have added anything new. I like the fact that there is actual content, thought and personal experience (as well as a pleasant writing style) on your blog.

Thanks. (And by the way, I corrected that glitch you told me about.)


Funny, I wanted to comment on printing first. But also I have to say that I frequently look here, yet have never commented. Hm, I am lazy ****.

But Lesley here foreclosed almost everything I wanted to tell ya. I like the fact that you are so ... unpretentious and straight forward. [I'm blushing... Gordon]

Now, the printing thing: You are the first photographer on the Internet that I come across, whose work I like very much and who prints on real photo paper along with inkjet. I always wondered why absolutely no one talks about the photographic paper (or contone as they called it somewhere). Virtually every photog who seems to participate (or at least trying so) in the "fine art" world talks about inkjet and not even mentions the alternative. Don't get it.

Gordon, I would be very interested what you think about this?

best regards

PS: I promise to comment more frequently. I gave up my blog because of the frustration from no one commenting ... so I know the thing.

I appreciate your comments and promise not to let the praise go to my head. As for why so many "fine art" photographers are so enamored of ink jet printing, I suppose it's because owning a printer is like having a darkroom. You get to print what you want, when you want, and the size you want it. It also gives you more freedom to experiment, without waiting days for the results to come back.

That's all well and good, but as I pointed out in my post, there are other ways to print. Under certain circumstances--for example, if you need a few prints larger than your printer can handle, or if you need multiples copies of a single image printed the same size--you're better off sending it to a digital print lab. As I sample other labs, I'll create a list of links to the good ones here on my blog. If anyone out there has any first-hand recommendations, feel free to let me know.

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