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April 07, 2009


For me and the way my mind works, keywords or tags work great - but there has to be a lot of them, and they should largely describe the image as seen.

So your shot above would be tagged with something like: parking garage, car, black, bw, parked, sky, chrome, reflection, concrete, wide angle, handle, mirror, cloud, decay, wedge, ... as well as camera used, the place name and so on. Then, when I inevitably have forgotten the biographical details I will still remember what it looked like. Searching for three or four tags like the above will inevitably pop up this image and not that many more.

Dates don't work for me at all. I have a hard time remembering the year I was married (and I'm female), although I do remember how old I was and therefore can figure it out (providing I can remember how old I am now!). That's one reason I use Lightroom and its star and keyword system. As I am an educator, I was able to get Lightroom at a great price. Now, after using it since it first came out, I would pay whatever I had to in order to keep it.
Before digital I could usually remember the physical place I put something, and find it within a few minutes--but of course that doesn't work with digital. It really is a whole new game and requires a different way of thinking.

Hi Gordon - that's a beautiful photo! I've done some "auto art" photos myself, but none in B&W. The tonality is perfect, and I like the play between the curviness of the chrome trim, the windows, and the car itself and the lines of the building.

Thank you for the compliment. You might be interested to know that I shot it with a rented Tokina 12-24mm f/4. It's an amazing value for the money, not only optically but mechanically. I'm already scheming on how to buy one.

Nice car and building photo.

Organization, PFUI!.


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