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October 20, 2009


I received my print the other day. It's beautiful. Thanks for sharing your work with me.

Ours arrived on Saturday. Many thanks; it's beautiful.

International shipping can be rough, both ways. I live in Australia & deal with it all the time. If you do some more research you might find a decent but cheaper option for next time. Offer a cheaper rate for those willing to forego the tracking, for example.

Unless I've misunderstood, you only lost $5 on each international order...

You say you charged $5 for domestic shipping, and $15 more for international, so that's surely $20 charged for international shipping? Plus, I'm sure you just made $5 LESS on each international order, rather than a loss of $5.

Now that I think about it, I'm not sure what my point is! Congratulations on what seems to have been a successful endeavour!


If you're as good at photography as you are at calculating profit versus loss, you've got what it takes to be a successful pro photographer. Your self-deprecating sense of humor also indicates you'd be good at customer relations. Best wishes for your endeavours as well.


Thanks, I think... ;-)

As for my abilities with a camera, I'll let you judge for yourself, link provided below...

"As for my abilities with a camera..."

I'm impressed. Your work is breathtaking. I've dabbled a bit in architectural photography myself, but when it comes to your level of skill I'd consider it a privilege even to load your film holders.

Thanks for your diligence, Gordon. I was very impressed with your packaging and took good note. Makes me feel ashamed of how I've sometimes sent prints to friends :-(

To those that missed this print purchase opportunity, I say: Don't be a fool, buy the next one!

You won't be disappointed.

Is it just me, or is shipping from the US sometimes ridiculously expensive? Living in Australia, I always thought that our postal service for international shipments was quite pricey. However, a few years ago I had to ship my tripod head back to Acratech in the US for repairs under warranty and the 400g head cost about A$40 to be couriered express to California from Perth, Western Australia. This also included A$400 insurance. Recently I tried to buy a calendar from a US photographer and, after placing the order, found that it couldn't be shipped to Australia for US$8. A similar issue seems to apply with your print offer. Any idea why sometimes these small and light things seem to cost so much to ship? Anyone worked out a cheap way of shipping things from the US?


I could have saved money on shipping by sending the package via standard first class mail. That would have cost no more than $10.00. I decided against it because it would have taken longer and there would be no way to track the package or confirm delivery. Given the cost of the print, I thought it justified the extra cost and security of delivery confirmation.

Congratulations on the success of this project Gordon. That is such a beautiful photo I thought it was a watercolor painting the first time I saw it on TOP.

I just received my print, and it's every bit as good as I'd hoped for.

Well done on choosing an excellent printer. And your packaging was superb - I've taken notes!

Thank you very much for offering us this opportunity to own such a great print.

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