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March 13, 2010


Great portrait and good advice. Thanks Gordon. When I do what you suggest I tend to get much, much better results.

I agree wholeheartedly. Great portrait shooters must connect with their subjects and make them feel at home in any environment. As you have stated, equipment and lighting are not nearly as important as rapport.

I find it is also a benefit if the shooter is so comfortable with their gear that they can truly focus on the subject, and this familiarity minimizes knob twirling & gear fiddling that can derail a shoot. Someone once suggested practicing changing common camera settings while you were watching tv, with the idea that you could eventually do the changes automatically without looking at the camera. I have tried this a few times and it definitely does not hurt.

It also really helps for the photographer to have everything fairly set up in advance (preferably with an assistant to act as a test model) so you can just visit with the subject, and then the portraits flow out of that.

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