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October 27, 2010


That's a little harsh, don't you think? For us Pentax owners, yes, the lenses may be worth $75 at a flea market, but it would cost $2000 to replace them with new ones. That's a good savings to me and reduces my costs for the hobby.

"That's a little harsh, don't you think?"

Please re-read the opening paragraph. You were warned. Also keep in mind that I shoot with a Pentax K-7, Canon EOS 30D, Nikon FM3A, and Olympus OM-1. Every statement I've made about these brand owners therefore applies to me as much as anyone else.

I wish I didn't belong to so many of these groups. Or do I?

As someone whos owned all of those brands and more, I sometimes wonder if my choice of camera doesn't just indicate a short attention span.

I'm shocked by this! I'm one of those Sony owners. First of all, we all know that brochures never lie. And you seem to be suggesting that there's no Easter Bunny.
I also own an Olympus, what's wrong with North Korean beer? And how did you know who made my underwear?
Shocking, I say, truly shocking.

My first SLR was a Spotmatic, so I have a soft spot for Pentax. But then I bought a Nikkormat and it's been Nikon, Nikon, Nikon ever since. As the years have gone by, sometimes it seemed that Canon had the lead and I'd ask myself "Should I switch?" But then Nikon would bring out something new and I'd say "Boy, I'm glad I didn't switch!". And then Canon would up the ante and I'd think, "Well, maybe I should switch." But then Nikon would pull another rabbit out of the hat and I'd congratulate myself for being so smart and sticking to Nikon. And so on...
Being a procrastinator has sure saved me a lot of money...

I'm an Olympus Owner and I'm sooooo lonely!

Nice post and brave to attack brand loyalty like that. Judging by online forums lately I wouldn't be a bit surprised to see you get death threats over this.

Not from me, though, because I have Sony gear and I'm writing this from a Make Believe computer.

I also just started using Pentax and I have noticed a lot of giggling lately...

I have not posted in ages but that does not mean that I have been ignoring the blog...this is just too bloody hysterical and, hence, priceless...the tip jar is not big enough.

Ha Ha Ha....stop it or I will wee!

I'm an Olympus owner because the E-500 was much better than the Canon/Nikon offerings at the time. It's pretty much that simple.... The Canon D350 seemed capable, but had a software interface which seemed to be designed by a sadist.... The Olympus was easy: Hit Info, scroll to the icon, set the compensation. The Canon was hard. Scroll through screen after screen, looking for the right jargon. Missed it once, and was generally unsatisfied with the experience. So I bought the Olympus.

Can't say I regret it. Apparently, I have a small sensor and this makes me less of a man. But I also have an f2.0 constant 70-200mm equivalent lens, which makes everyone look bloody fabulous. As Robert Chapman said earlier, the top dog changes frequently anyway. And the cheapest digital SLR takes better pictures than a top-of-the-range camera and film from 30 years ago.

If your brand is truly making your pictures what they are, then you're either 0.01% of the market or have an awful lot to learn about photography. Still, thanks for the laugh! ;-)

There's precisely one thing my $75 collection of Pentax glass doesn't do that yours does - lens flare. Enjoy your multi-thousand dollar lenses, suckers. BTW, would one of you mind if I borrowed a Canon for my next low-light event...?

Confession. Nikon owner, envious of Canon owners.

I'm a Canon owner who already made the switch from Nikon and wish I had a Leica! So I had to laugh at your comments, well said.

Ok, let's be serious for a moment. Just a moment! I hung on to all my Nikon manual gear because I never thought "digital- those pixelated images" would take off for many years. Apparently, neither did many high end lens and camera manufacturers, especially Nikon and the German makes. I followed them. See, I know how to be defensive.

I waited and waited and everyone hated me during this period. I still wonder why. Finally the Pentax K10D came out. Apparently, I could now afford this with the money all the haters gave me on my birthday. I deemed it the best bargain in the DSLR world. So did the haters. I keep and show a few Nikon lenses and tell everyone when I am in the field about how I am really a Nikon user but they haven't made the DSLR camera I like yet. They always ask you know. My wife says that when I am out of earshot, people are really asking about my ancient taped Manfrotto tripod with the pipe insulation--a great modest innovation, if I may say so.I know that one day, as I cry in my Nikon glass when no one is looking (just ask my wife-I had to tell someone) that all my Nikon lenses will be backward compatible. Nikon promised, you know. My sincere tears re-endeared me to my friends and family (the haters with the money) who say, "never mind, we love your work." And, it's all about the work--more tears... I wonder who told them. I bet it was the people I met in the field.

Do I get points for melancholy and wishful thinking?

HA HA HA Love it! So very true... wait I have no friends. Awwwww :( :P

Haha I'm a Pentax owner. I got it because I couldn't afford a Canon in elementary school. Haha. I love your comment about Sony owners, it's so true! Thanks for the laugh!

Can't - stop - laughing. If only this weren't so damn true... every last word. Ahahahahahhhhaaaa. Brilliant.

Uh-oh, I'm in bad shape... Olympus DSLR (no friends), Leica M6 (bad beer), Nikon FE2 and Nikkormat (need to buy Canon)... And the next one is probably going to be a Fuji...!

I'll try to remember to be outraged if I ever get around to buying a Sigma.

OK I am a little confused and have a question. I used to be a Nikon owner, but when I switched it was not to Canon, but to Olympus - so what does that say about me?

On second thought, don't answer that question! :)

I shoot Canon for money, Olympus for fun and Leica for film. Does that make me a Nikon refugee with itchy alpaca jocks, a colossal debt and a decaying Citroen in the yard? Yes, no, yes, no.
The divorce lens (almost) was the Millenium (Falcon) 35mm Summicron (black paint, 2,000 limited edition) but at least it fits on the Olympus E-P2 as well. Bargain. Funded by a commitment to second-hand clothing, 25 year old cars, rough wine and cheap pizza. It's all a matter of priorities innit? Hmmmm....is this a lifestyle?

PLEASE don't tell my wife what that Summilux cost. But I'm secure in the knowledge that nothing but fast Leica glass and an M9 will reveal the soul of people in a dim boîte.

Unless, you know, it's REALLY dim. Then I have to pull out the, um, Canon.

Okay, I am a former Olympus user who switched to Nikon a week and a half ago. I was going to tell my friends, but I truly don't have any...so sad. When should I ditch Nikon for Canon? Love it!!

I'm a Canon gal myself...kachunk, kachunk (that's the shutter sound). Have of course contemplated the switch to Nikon but have way too much invested in lenses. I didn't know that anyone actually used Sony or Olympus. ; - )

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