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December 08, 2010



I'm not sure where you were looking, but Snow Leopard is available by itself, without iStuff: http://store.apple.com/us/product/MC573Z/A?fnode=MTY1NDAzOA&mco=MTM3NDgwNjU

And yes, do be prepared for some, um, challenges when you print (depending on what printer you use). :)

Not to rub it in, but don't you appreciate how Pentax let you shoot DNG if you wish? I'm still using ACR 5 yet can open RAW files from the Pentax K-5 because I'm shooting DNG.

More camera brands should do this. In fact, I'd be happy to see proprietary RAW formats die out.

Having just had Microsoft impose the huge backward step that is Live Mail 2011 on me, I know exactly what you mean.

You're lucky with Lightroom, then. I did the same kind of shuffle when my 60D needed a version of ACR that only came with CS5, and have since discovered the rest of CS5 is an incomplete buggy lump of crap.

Although being an atheist, I'm already kneeling down for the sake of your workflow.
By chance, yesterday I spent all day and night installing software and drivers in my brand new MacBook Pro 15", which is going to replace the wonderful Toshiba Satellite I have been using from 2003 as my portable photo device. At last!, one could say. But getting to effectively master new equipment is always a long and costly process, so I made a rule to keep my key devices as long as I can.
I have no complaints (yet) about my new Apple unit, but, like you, I had to download and install tons of software I already owned, along with all my old peripherals' drivers (and some of them have been discontinued since ages, as in your case). And even after a successful calibration, I know that getting familiar with the LED monitor rendition (a real beauty, as a matter of fact) won't be an easy task at all. Moreover I already shudder at the thought of what would (will?) happen the first time I'll try to print old files through the new machine (drivers, profiles, compatibility, whatever), and the first time I'll compare a new file with its printer's output. Briefly, a living hell.
So I pray and pray, for you, for me, for everybody out there trying to improve what was already (almost) perfect.

Thanks for the heads-up. Your problems are exactly why I have not upgraded to CS5, CR6, and Lightroom 3. I had the suspicion that nothing would work on my Mac 10.4xx, my printer would not work, my scanner, plug-ins, etc. I think I'll wait a few more years until I replace the computer completely, then get the newest stuff at that time. What I have works for me now and there are no glaring holes in my workflow.


This scares the ever-lovin begeebus out of me and is why I held off going digital for so long...lack of backward compatability. Don't tell me there is no way the industry couldn't do better.

>>Don't tell me there is no way the industry couldn't do better.<<

Okay, I won't.

Seriously though, we all have to understand that "the industry" is in fact hundreds of different companies, all working in what they perceive to be their best interests. Some factors, such as what other companies choose to do, are out of their control. When you consider the infinite permutations of hardware and software we're all using it's a wonder this stuff works at all.

Oh...installed OS X 10.6 and using older printers and drivers and soon gonna try to print:

"That could lead to a whole new chain of events, many of which are hideous and depressing."

I fear you have underestimated the "fun" that may be in store...


I think Gordon's point above about "the industry" explains why only a few manufacturers let us shoot in DNG. I agree with you, it's damn frustrating.

It could be that sooner or later, we may all throw in the veritable software upgrade ritual for simpler days:


Interesting. My experience with Lightroom upgrades has always been pretty good, but I guess I was lucky having 10.6 installed from the get-go. The best thing about Lightroom 3 is that with the fixed Camera Profiles, I can finally give the festering pile of garbage that is Nikon Capture NX the heave-ho.


Ironically, a close read of Pete Myers's article on Luminous Landscape reveals this his approach to photography is anything but simple. He is a self-described perfectionist who goes to extraordinary lengths to ensure that he has what he considers to be the best equipment and that it is operating in compliance with strict design specifications. He puts a similar amount of zeal into his prints. I point this out not to be critical of Mr. Myers, but only to point out that he's not the best poster boy for simpler days.

for a fun read on a rainy day...


This is Joseph Holmes testing printing and calibrating Epson pro printers with CS5. It's an amazing (color management) mess under the hood.

But I had pretty decent luck with my 3800 and the transition from Lightroom 2 to 3. I had to jump to 10.6 from 10.4 like you (and download updated drivers, profiles etc).
Nothing horrible happened in the transition ... except my trusty old HP Laser printer (Appletalk), still a perfectly fine utilitarian printer, has to bite the dust.

In reality of course, it continues to work from another, 10.4 machine. But this is how we fill landfills - just cause someone at Apple says so, not because the hardware fails. I'm sure they got more planets lined up to take the extra e-waste... 8-(

A couple of months ago I decided it was time to upgrade to Lightroom 3. Then I found I needed OS 10.6. OK - I'll upgrade. Nope. OS 10.6 doesn't work on my G5 because it's not an Intel machine. I was quite disappointed that I wasn't going to be able to use LR3. You've softened that blow a bit. Thanks. I'm still hoping to justify a new computer next year, though.

Whenever I read of having to deal with the upgrade path, with the associated multiple upgrades, I am reminded of this:

I hope you enjoy it.

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