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June 18, 2011


Great picture of your daughter Nia. It will bring back fond memories years from now. Life does present some of the best opportunities; unfortunately we do not always notice them.

I really like that photo. It's always a happy day when you come across great light that's draping itself around an interesting subject... Even better when you don't have to travel to find it!

Envious envious envious! What light! I promise you, I will steal this "setup" one day :)

that's almost my exact travel kit as well (use the "lenscap" 40mm instead of the 35mm).

Question: my most used lens is definitely the 21mm, while I love it's size, sharpness and focal length, I do note it's subtle field curvature. All the photos you post are impeccably corrected, do you have your K-5 correct in-camera or do you correct for lens characteristics in post? do you prefer to do this manually or using provided lens profiles?

Wonderful shot!!!!

The light is incredible in this shot. The shot is quite excellent overall, but - that light! If you had said you'd set up a snooted flash on lower power with a warming gel I would have believed you. It's so perfect it's hard to imagine it's natural light. Seeing potential like this in the world around us is a very valuable skill.

Looking forward to your shots from Martha's Vineyard. That's a great travel kit you have there, especially the 21mm.

>> do you have your K-5 correct in-camera or do you correct for lens characteristics in post?<<

I correct in post. Correcting in-camera slows down image processing so much that you have to wait 5 seconds or so for the review image to appear on the LCD. I also don't bother correcting when shooting nature--unless, of course, there is a horizon involved.

Wonderful photo. Don't need to say any more.

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