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July 29, 2011


The old format worked fine. But this has a more open, airy, spacious feel. I like it.



I like it, clean and fresh (but I'm easy to please :). And a few ads in return for more of shutterfinger is a price I am willing to pay :)

I like it! Very fresh and clean. As for me Ads dont bother me and I do use them to support the blogs I read.


Nothing to do with your new layout (I read through the RSS feed all the time so I don't remember what the old one looked like) but I do have a question about the photo and the caption. What are the elements that you worked so obsessively to line up? And which are the elements that you didn't worry about?

"What are the elements that you worked so obsessively to line up?"

Well, for starters, notice how the antenna of the car in the foreground touches the parking meter in the background; how the parking sign sits just below the reflection; how the parking meter in the middle lines up with the left side of the sunroof... I could go on, but if you look carefully you'll see that a lot of lines and edges are in very close proximity to each other. This was not an accident. Anything that didn't line up, well, that's what I didn't worry about.

Gordon, I like the new look and I love the photograph.

Like it - and didn't see any ads - best of both worlds !!

I like both the new look and the photo. They have an accidental (I assume) synergy, too. The white sky merges with the white blog layout causing my eye to try to see the top of the building, irregular as it is, as the top of the photo. This makes me instinctively aware of irregular straight-lines, and I immediately gravitate to all of the terminating diagonals.

It's a neat experience.

I always enjoy the pictures and articles, but hat's off to the new look! It's nice and clean without looking 'blocky.'

I enjoy coming back!

I liked the old layout fine, but really like this new one; much easier to read. And your photo stands out more, which I guess is the point.
I could live with a few banner ads, your content is always the best. Most down-to-earth, personable content I've found. You make me want to grab my camera and get outside!

I prefer the new look, the obsessively lined up elements of your photograph and will be happy to support you through affiliate ads.
Greg. :^)

I like the new design, I find it more appropriate to enjoy the pictures.

Great photo btw. Congratulations

I like the minimalism and white space but I'm wondering if it isn't a little too clinical. Maybe if the "home, archives,etc" items were in red that might inject a touch of colour as a counterbalance to the very clean look. Or perhaps the ads will achieve that? Overall, though, it's a very accessible, uncluttered and professional-looking template and an improvement over the previous (still good) design.

Loved your words about organising the elements in the pic above. You must have a very tidy house...

I like the new look a lot more than the old. Nicer to read, photos have more space, and it all looks neater some how. Are you going to allow HTML in the comments section now?

Good luck with the affiliate links. It's a long hard road...

love the new look.

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