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September 13, 2011


I've got that same look on countless photos of my partner; that very same look, which in my experience only comes from someone you're intimate with and cannot be imitated by anyone else. I would have known the picture was of your wife even if you hadn't told us, just from that look.
I think love 'shines' from the eyes and the camera picks it up and might be the reason why some of the best images from the likes of Bailey and company are of their wife or partner of the time.
Just think, if we could bottle that look we'd make a fortune.

Your wife looks like somebody you often have fun and laugh with. This is what your photograph says, and it says it wonderfully.
As for the bridge and canal shot, my raw-allergic comment is: thanks God raw exists. Thank you for clearly pointing out that there are some circumstances when one can't help using it. Raw format shouldn't be a religion, but one of many possible technical solutions.

I agree with Karl; I knew that it was your wife before I read a word. Photographer's spouses all possess that look. ; -)

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