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October 08, 2011


Kirk's blog will be missed. As it stands, your blog and PixelatedImage are the only ones I check on a regular basis.

Keep up the good work.

I have been an regular visitor on here since seeing a link from TOP. Your photography always inspires me, you have an eye for for a picture and more often than not make the ordinary seem extraordinary.

I wholeheartedly agree with you regarding VSL. What stands out for me with Kirk's blog is his prosaic style and beautifully crafted posts. The man has a talent for the written word. He never fails to leave me feeling good when I have visited.

Just saying..

Gordon, keep up the good, hard, valuable, excellent, dedicated, inspiring, thought-provoking, quality, fabulous work!

As I've said before: your photography is outstanding and an inspiration to me.

As I might have said before: your blog posts are always interesting and thought-provoking.

Thank you for all that you do!

Gordon, I am one of those readers who seldom comment. Often I want to say something, but then someone other already did - and probably better than I could, since German is the only language I am really proficient in - if at all.

But now I feel the urge again. I come here not every day, but regularly. I like the pace of this blog, and I think it fits the modest (in the most positive sense), tranquil and thoughtful writing style. You are one of the few photogs on the net that are not posers, and I appreciate that a lot.

Hopefully you stay with us part-time-arm-chair-photographers for long.


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