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November 19, 2011


You might want to try this - and would be interesting to hear your thoughts about their service too.
Free accounts = 5GB, Paid accounts for 2 euros a month = 50GB with ftp access etc.


I have to agree with all your comments on Dropbox, I love the way I can sync files to all my bits of tech such as my Windows PC, my Windows laptop, my Apple Ipad and my Samsung Phone which is Android, no longer do I have to individually plug each device in to the PC to download this photo or that book, now I just copy and paste to the Dropbox and all my devices now have access to that file instantly.
If there was one criticism I could make is that for large files (100mb +)I have found it can be sometimes painfully slow for them to download, this maybe down to Dropbox restricting the download speed I`m not sure.

I use such a service to get a few (usually less than 50) images to someone. So I use Adobe's SendNow to do this. The free service allows you to send just one file at a time but that file can be up to 100MBs in size. So I just ZIP my files and send them off. There is an upgrade to this service that allows greater flexibility.

And unlike SendItNow doesn't send you email after email trying to get you to use their service.

I use DropBox to do as Gordon describes, i.e. distribute photographs in a secure way. The 2GB is plenty for JPEGs, since I would delete the folders once the pictures have been downloaded.

Perfect timing! Just a few days ago I needed to send someone a few pictures, remembered your post...and everything worked. Thank you!

Because I had used Apple's iDisk for many years, when they changed their policies regarding this service upon the shift to iCloud, I had to find an alternative, and looked at Dropbox. I love it, and find it much easier to use than iDisk ever was. I'm a huge fan, as you seem to be, Gordon.

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