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December 09, 2011


Nice grabshot.... yet more evidence that the best camera is the one you have with you!

Re the doldrums.... yes, I know the feeling! Yours and the other photography blogs I frequent (TOP, VSL, Working Pictures by Carl) go a long way toward getting me through the low patches. You would be surprised how motivational your photos and words can be. Thank you.

Have a Happy Christmas

Neil, Worthing, England.

Thank you Gordon, very true and most encouraging. I've found myself in the same situation often and it's usually by leaving my DSLR at home and just relying on my iPhone or old manual focus SLR that the inspiration (eventually) returns...

Thanks, I needed that.

Beautifully put Gordon. This is why I follow you!

I'm in one of those doldrums right now. National Novel Writing Month sucked the life out of me and I'm still recovering.

A good cure for the doldrums is to stop taking pictures and concentrate instead on doing something with the ones you already have on your hard drive or on file. Pick your top six, have some quality prints made and get them framed. Taking pride in the finished product is often enough to remind us why we clicked the shutter in the first place.

i do not know what "doldrums" means, but i am sure of something, this picture is really awesome, love it, even i wish, they would be 1 alley closer to you ;)

And by the way, Happpy New Year 2012 8)

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