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May 17, 2012


Thanks for the thoughts on this camera.

In regards to the NEX-7, Sigma has saved the day with the very good and small 19mm and 30mm AF lenses. The Sigma 30, in particular, is remarkable, and you'll get a package about the same size as this V1 setup, but with much better IQ.

I've had the V1 for 4 months and my continued affection for it is a bit embarrassing. It's not a numbers camera, just a great little walk-around one; discrete, handsome, nicely made and quick, with a fine viewfinder. The quality of the images it produces continues to surprise me. Like you I'm drawn to simple cameras, and for me the high quality of the automation (white balance, exposure and focus) has made the lack of direct control largely irrelevant. Those menu settings I change frequently - ISO, focus and exposure comp - are all easily accessed. The 2 zooms are quite good too, slow but with excellent stabilization.

Good photos as usual, Gordon, including the b&w. Good luck with your decision.

Thanks for the great review of the V1. Love the quality of the images due to the bigger sensor, but loath the inability to change ISO and exposure modes without having to use the Menu options. Also the current price of the 24.2 MP "compact" DSLR D3200 (currently $699 on Amazon) would make it difficult for me to justify purchase of the V1 given that I have a fairly sizeable investment in Nikon glass, both full frame and DX. I am also fairly happy with the images I am getting out of my P7000, up to about ISO 800, though the camera is somewhat slow in terms of acquiring focus. The "smaller" D3200 seems like an ideal compromise in terms of weight and image quality, and is certainly a lot lighter than my current main body the D700.

I'm glad you didn't get shot for shooting that guy... What a crazy photo.

Is the guy with the cellphone actually holding a chrome pistol?

I would have followed the advice of Monty Python: "Run away. Run away!"

The guy holding the pistol was actually an actor on the set of a movie being filmed in center city Philadelphia. Nevertheless, I'd be lying if I didn't say I had second thoughts about photographing him.

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