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June 03, 2012


I guess the appropriate tag here would be, "Ooops." : )

Very nice shots. My wife and I took the same route (Beijing and Xian) from May 30 - June 8th. I was amazed when a little girl (maybe 4) actually came up to my wife to touch her skin. I guess she could not believe someone could have chocolate toned skin. That aside, it looks like you had a very clear day to take shots, or did you use a special filter? It was very overcast every day for us - but the temperature was ideal.

Good site - good blog. Just discovered your writings and as a dedicated film shooter I'll be hanging around here a lot more.

China looks great and not so far from me in Thailand. Your shots have me thinking about my next trip. I just love that umbrella shot.

Thanks for sharing.

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