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June 20, 2012


Nice advice... and a nice little series of images. I agree with everything you have said here; especially the wider lens point. I like to capture people from no more than six feet (even closer sometimes). I use my Ricoh GRD3 for this kind of photography. The camera also looks very simple and non-invasive, whereas big lenses do look rather (as you suggest) creepy.

The other reason I like wide lenses and small sensor is so that I get a massive DoF. I think that the background image can be just as important as the subject. I am no fan of those long focal length isolated face shots.

Excellent blog btw.

interesting pictures, always an interesting read. Thanks for sharing! 8-)

The picture of the girl with the white hat reminds me of a poster I had in the 60's. It was an old lady wearing an army helmet and holding a cigar and a mean look on her face. The text was "I don't like you."

That girl could be her great grand daughter. I like the shot very much.

John Passaneau

"If you can help it, don't be particularly tall or attractive. Ugly can work in your favor, though."

Extra kudos to you then, Gordon, for managing to get these nice shots whilst being such an attractive looking fella!


Thank you, I'm flattered. And for what it's worth, I am definitely not tall.

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