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July 20, 2012


I know I'm suppose to comment on the great work but then again what model car is that? Whatever model it is it sure looks cool.



It's a customized 1957 Chrysler Dual-Ghia. As I recall, it was painted turquoise.

Gordon, do yourself a favor and get something like an Epson 3800. Don't cheap out, the bigger one is better, giving better per-print cost due do larger cartridges. And get custom profiles for one or two papers. I have no relationship with Epson, I am just a satisfied user, and won't go back to letting a lab do some mediocre and/or expensive prints on cheap paper.
If you say that you won't be around to reprint in 20 years (which I doubt btw. ;-) then what are you waiting for?

>>Don't cheap out...<<

That's just my problem, Andreas. I want something like an Epson 3880 or a Canon Pixma Pro-1. What I don't have is the spare income to buy one. Given the choice between a new printer and paying for my children's education, the occasional family vacation, and upkeep on my home, the printer has to wait. So far it's been waiting quite a while.

Love that photo, and what a shame it would be if you hadn't printed it! Digital printing is a problem for me as well; I have an ancient Epson Photo 870 that keeps chugging along and will print without clogging even if I don't use it for 3 months, but its quality is iffy. When it was new (in 1999) it claimed 10 year longevity for prints!! It's fine for notecards and everyday use but not good enough for a decent print of a photo, so I have those done for me. I would love to get a good pigment printer but the cost is a consideration and, with what I understand about their quirks, any pigment printer would probably be is a permanent state of clogging with my sporadic usage.

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