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August 29, 2012


But you didn't answer your own question at the beginning of this post. I do care. Let me guess it's a combination of all three.

And why are you using a cellphone?

The real "trick" to that photo is seeing it in the first place.
It's a compelling photo that I'm not sure if I'd been there I would have seen.

John Passaneau

Great post and image! When all three elements--knowledge, skill and luck--come together, magic happens! The proverbial "harder I work, the luckier I get" saying.
I think more can be had by spending quality time with your equipment than investing hours on the web (present blog excepted of course) reading the latest "technique" passed off as an absolute. Know your gear and trust your own eyes.

>>why are you using a cellphone?<<

Well John, everyone "knows" you can't get good pictures with a cellphone, especially at night, right? However, because I had practiced talking photos under various conditions with my own cellphone, I had the skill it took to produce an interesting photograph (not that it took an impressive amount of skill, mind you). As for why I used a cellphone in the first place, it was because that's all I had in my car at the time. The photo was shot through my side window. And as John Passaneau pointed out, being able to recognize a good photo opportunity is a skill in and of itself.

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