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January 01, 2013


Great work, a very consistent collection.

Happy New Year Gordon!
Brilliant advice. I still get jittery when purging a raw file permanently, but it's good practice in the end.

This is when I find Lightroom invaluable: By creating "Smart Collections" and assigning stars (including none) you get an instant status of your photography as it evolves through the year. By year's end - or any time - you can revisit to tweak the star ratings or wade through the "zeros" to see if you missed anything, and toss the rest.

It's also a good idea to save an archive of tiffs (or high quality jpgs) of anything particularly valuable.

Now ... I just need to upload the best of them.

I looked at your portfolio for 2012. Man, you have some great stuff there. Some look similar to what I've managed, but yours are so much better in execution. Mine are more accidental!
Good luck to you for 2013; I wish you could post more, but that's okay, I do understand. Though I will say, I'd miss you if you tired of blogging.
Not to say that other sites are not worth while, but you are a breath of fresh air!
Happy new year.

Hi Gordon, & Happy New Year!

Great post - I really need to do what you're suggesting... over a period of several years. Well, I'll start with 2012 and work backwards.

One thing I *did* do is pull my 20 favorite photos of 2012 and create a book using MyPublisher.com. I've done several books before, but not one for a year's best photos.

MyPublisher.com does a really great job. I think they are as step above many of the other POD companies whose work I've seen.

I think this will let you take a look: http://tinyurl.com/alfzz4t

best regards,

One of my goals this year is to wade through the digital excrement that lives on my local and external hard drives. Unfortunately, I am pack rat with my digital space and it's really starting to bog me down. I appreciate your listing your small list of criteria. It'll be a nice starting point for me as I go through my work.

Also, I like the first portrait of you smiling/laughing. It seems to match up with how you come across in this blog, as far as personality is concerned. The second one is technically great, but I like the joyful-looking one more.

I love your eye for geometry; so 4, 14, 20, 30, 31, 32, 33 (!!) and 42 are my favorites. The combinations of people and geometry are particularly striking.

I narrowed my favorite 2012 shots down to 85, at last count. Several people on the PDML (Pentax-Discuss Mail List) have posted their best "12 of 2012," but 2013 may be well along before I get that far.

On the other hand, for the annual PDML book I have to select 3 by the end of February...

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