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February 20, 2013


I wish I had known about this when I bought my (much) more expensive travel tripod – but I have sent a link for this post to my nephew, a young man on a limited budget with a growing interest in photography. People keep telling him he must get the best stuff NOW, and I try to tell him that there is some good reasonably priced equipment out there, so thank you for this timely post! Please follow up with the ballhead post. And have a wonderful time in Paris!

I've got a Bogen 3221 with a three-way pan head. It is very sturdy, but I think it is really a variable-weight tripod: the farther you carry it, the heavier it gets.

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Like you, I've used a Gitzo for years and loved it for it sturdiness and reliability. But the years do take their toll and I'm no longer ably to carry the Gitzo. I happen to be looking for a new tripod and remembered this post. So I took a look at the Indura and liked it very much, but found it too short. I'm only a little taller than you (5'8") but I have two herniated disks which won't let me bend over. Longer story summarized, I ended up with the Feisol CT 3342 which allows me to stand straight and weighs only about 2.5 lbs. Yes, I did spend more than I wanted but my back thanks me every time I set it up!

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