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April 07, 2013


Great story, sounds like you two had a wonderful trip. Love what you've posted so far and look forward to seeing more. The manequin shot is stellar! Would make a great print.

Can I presume Nikon FM3A is a film camera? If so I can imagine what makes you prefer that film camera over the digital. They are much smaller in size and more controllable. They have proper prisms and not mirrors. Mirrors are not nearly as good at transmitting light and give a dim view that makes manual focusing difficult, if not impossible. When you are manually focusing you are engaged in doing something and do not feel as if waiting for something to happen. That makes you feel that manual focusing is faster. In reality electronic focusing is faster and more accurate, at least with SLRs. I am sure you do not enjoy the trouble of developing and printing. In any case you are going to scan the negatives. Film of no film you would still end up with digital pictures. So, in reality, it does not matter if you are using digital or film.
Ranjit Grover


Yes, the Nikon FM3A is a film camera. Aside from the reasons I mentioned in my post, I simply enjoy shooting with it. The workflow is certainly different from using a digital camera. Whether it's better or worse is subjective and up to the individual to decide. I plan to describe my current film workflow in my next post. You'll see that developing and printing doesn't have to be much trouble at all.

Wonderful photos! I agree about full frame weight and size. I've lost the desire to lug all that heavy glass around these days and instead shoot more often with two micro four thirds cameras fitted with a 20mm 1.7 (40mm FF equiv.) and a 45mm 1.8 (90mm FF equiv.)lens. This kit is far smaller and lighter than my bare bones Canon kit. Although the resolution is slightly less with micro 4/3, I appreciate that my photos appear sharper wide open than my Canon L series lenses which have a dreamy low contrast look wide open. Love face recognition auto focus as well on m4/3 bodies which is extremely fast - almost instant. I'm also enjoying using my old and compact canon fd prime lenses again.

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