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May 06, 2013


Terrific! I love stage two, especially the forums.

PS: I may not comment that often but I do look forward to your insights and observations.

Absolutely spot on and hilarious to boot. I particularly liked that "You should believe everything a blogger tells you". I too am a lurker but also really appreciate your efforts.

Great post,
reminded me of a quite serious post about tripods on why it was cheaper in the long run to buy the £300 one first, rather than what we all usually do, which is to go for the cheap one.

Well, spot on....therefore I do not buy anything new from the shop. If the dust has settled and the noises have subsided, I sort of now which (once highly praised) crap of yesteryear will be my new gem. Then I look at blogs, read forums and "think to myself what a wonderfull world" (c) Louis Armstrong.

Last camera bought, an OM-D with everyting needed attached to it (especially an onboard viewfinder which my aging eyes needed and my GF1 did not provide) for 900 dollars. And reading the latest blogposts about the Pen P5 its absolute crap (no 8000th of second so no way to do "shallow DOF" in bright sunlight for instance), so I'm in the green for the next 3 to 4 years.

Greets, Ed.

Ah, yeah, forgot to mention I always shoot at 5.6 to 8.0 (don't need shallow DOF at all). So maybe you should analyse your needs first :-) because an other mans crap can be you're gem if they throw it at you at the right moment. And for the rest.....on the 10 of march 2013 AD a guy called Terry was spotted in a New York (SOHO) street cafe sporting a GF1 with 14 pancake (end of gearneed).


Too funny, and too true. I resemble stage 5, having researched the camera (Canon 6D) to death before purchase with rebate, now wondering when it is going to go on deeper sale. Plus, hoping that the hypothetical Canon 7D2 APS-C high-frame-rate sports/wildlife camera doesn't show up too soon.

Back to stage 2, buy M42 to EOS converter to try out the 40 year old manual-everything lens collection from my all-manual film camera. Buy wired shutter release, having found out that the one I have doesn't fit. Buy L bracket. Buy soft neoprene neck strap that doesn't irritate my skin like the OEM strap. Buy large box of Clif energy bars, ramen, box of generic "gorp", fill water bottles and water bladder, throw the camping and camera gear in car trunk, and head for hills to work that shutter!

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