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June 09, 2013


Gordon, did not realize you hopped around that much.
So, after all the sampling, and money was not a huge issue, is there one system that you may prefer? Also, could you expand sometime on what you do & do not like about the V1?

I get what you're saying Gordon.
I own a Canon 5DMK2 mostly because it was at the time of purchase THE camera to have. I'm really happy with it and have made what I believe to be many "good shots" over the years but it wasn't until I bought a Panasonic GH2 and 20mm f1.7 lens that I realized that the 5DMK2 was entirely wrong for my shooting style and requirements. The image quality of the Canon is clearly superior BUT, the Panasonic gives me the goods more often and at what I've discovered to be more than acceptable quality for my needs. And so it is.

I know the feeling.

I've used variously Kodak, Olympus (one film, one dSLR), Nikon (*2), Canon (3 dSLR, one film) and now Panasonic.

Most are bought to satisfy the desire and/or need at the time. The only consistent failing is that all my Canon experiences have been quality disasters - the EOS 300n that was my first, film, SLR, developed a fault with the spring beneath the shutter button; the 550D took an unexpected dislike to raindrops; the 60D was rather nice while it lasted but fell foul of a salty wave at the coast (that might not have been entirely its fault!) and the 500D's image-quality was so lousy it pushed me to learn about super-resolution and stacking.

Recently my friend (who earns his bread and butter through photography) and I (just interested in taking some photos) decided to buy new cameras for ourselves. He chose Canon 60D and I opted for Canon 600D. My choice was based on the price factor. In a developing country like ours the choice of camera is not to be taken lightly. They are very expensive by our standards.
Fortunately my choice turned out to be better for me. My camera has an exposure compensation button while I could not see that on his camera. Exposure compensation button is the most commonly used control for me. More over I hate heavy cameras. I think the results are comparable for both the cameras.
Come to think of it, there is no such thing as a perfect camera. That is why you had to jump brands that often. The camera companies will never learn from their mistakes or from the opinions of the users.

You either like something or you don't... I too tried the K7 and loved it's small size, and how it looked... but - the buttons were stiff and small, and although it's boxy shape looked great, it seemed to be all corners. A mag alloy camera is wonderful except when it keeps poking you in the ribs with all it's hard metallicness!

My upgrade path went into reverse and got a K10D which fits me like a comfy old battered sofa.

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