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July 27, 2013


I don't like neck straps too. It seems that their main function is marketing and advertising while they are mostly bad designed and not really comfortable.

Very timely post as I've just started looking for a good wrist strap for the m43 kit. Now if Flipbac would expand their grips to the OMD and Fuji X-E1....

Great minds think alike. My V1 is outfitted with a Fotodiox Grip & Op/Tech wrist strap with the 10-30mm Lens. Fits my hand perfectly and can walk with it all day w/o noticing it's there. Also covered up the markings on the camera.
R. Lewis

Bought a wrist strap today...I was going to make one but decided I wanted it for a hike tomorrow, but had to go to two camera stores to find one. Thanks for the reminder.

When I moved up from a Canon S95 P&S to my Oly m4/3 (E-PL3), I decided I liked the wrist strap better than the neck strap, too. The S95 is set up in the conventional way (right handed), but with the m4/3 camera, I put the strap on the left side. The m4/3, being a bit bigger, is slower to put away, and I need my right hand free to keep a hold of my 2 year old!

When I take a shot, I always have two hands on the camera, so this setup keeps the camera attached and my right hand free. Maybe when he gets older, I'll go back to the strap on the right lug.


I miss your blog! I understand the reasons you haven't been posting much lately, but you have a unique voice and I enjoy reading your opinions. Come back!

Also, I'm looking forward to reading part 2 of your EP-5 review. I have had the EM-5 for about 18 months and the light weight of the camera and small form of the lenses, coupled with the quality is ruining my thirst for large DSLRs.

If you hold the camera in your hand the weight is still transferred to your body through your neck ,shoulder, spine, hips, legs and feet. Sounds obvious but its important to be aware of this, anyone who has has any SI joint issues will be aware of how to load the body.

Ps love the blog!

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