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August 18, 2013


A well written and timely post, for me at any rate!
Something I needed to read or hear.
Thanks Gordon !

Truer words -- yet to be heard.

Somehow I have to get over my gear lust for an Olympus E-P5, or the Panasonic / Sony next generation equivalent.

That medical problem which causes a fundamental tremor and makes necessary the latest Olympus image stabilization system has another answer. It's called a tripod.

Looking back, some of my most satisfying photos were taken a decade ago with a Canon G3, featuring a mind-blowing four megapixels.

Although this has been said before, I like the way you've said it. Another enjoyable, entertaining and informative read. Thanks.

Good post. Well written. Not much else I can say, but most of us need to hear this from time to time.

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