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August 28, 2013


Whilst your tip is accurate for Canon RAW files, those from my Fuji X-Pro1 and Sony DSC-RX100 don't offer any such options; the only available profile in these cases is Adobe Standard.
(Lightroom 5 used)

Adobe analyses shots from different cameras and reverse-engineers colour profiles to try to match the settings offered by (some) makers. For some makes (Pentax definitely and I think any that produce DNGs out-of-camera) you can also use the maker's own Embedded colour profile.

Even with that, though, the imaging process influences final output, so you still need to make your own presets. But, if you like your maker's profile, it's one step less.

For Nikon shooters, I strongly recommend Capture NX2 for initial work on the NEF files. For years I laboured over ACR, especially with skin tones, to get accurate colours and tones. Yes, CNX2 is clunky and slow, but for raw processing, I believe it's much superior to ACR.

I'll come back to this post when I have time to play around with some files on my computer. Thanks

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