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December 20, 2013


Gordon, thanks for all the posts you've provided here at Shutterfinger. Sorry to see it come to an end, but understand your reasons. I look forward to seeing your posts on the other blogs (TOP, etc) and wish you and yours the very best holiday and more.
I know that pull of guitars well, it's my other passion too.
Really love your photography, hope to see a book from you at sometime.
All the best,

Bye, bye. Thanks for entertaining and educating us.

I have appreciated the thoughtful effort you have put into your writing.

Best wishes.


a good run! Saw your blog on T.O.P., and have enjoyed your posts/thoughts.

Please post on T.O.P. and elsewhere occasionally. I appreciate how demanding the blogoshpere can be, just unfortunate when we lose a good one.


I've enjoyed your blog for some time now. Totally understand your decision as I have let my own photo blog die a slow death as well. It's a major commitment to produce a quality product and you have done well. Have fun with the guitars. As it happens I just carved out a dedicated guitar area in my basement for relaxation and playing.

Thanks to you for your great writing and the pictures. One of them hangs in my flat. You know, the umbrella lady. I think you should do what you like best.
I wish you and your family a merry christmas!
Please inform me about your book. I enjoy looking your style of photography.


Gordon, thanks for all the posts. Have enjoyed your take on things and your photographs. Looking forward to your book coming out.

I'm glad I got to know about you and your work through this site, where I discovered that we shared interests in music and martial arts in addition to photography. I also have a print of yours hanging on my wall (TOP print sale). Best of luck to you moving forward.

seeing Shutterfinger in the last months, somehow I felt that something was keeping you elsewhere.
Thank you for everything I learnt through your posts.
I have a photograph of yours hanging on my wall too, and I'm very proud of it.
Curiously, an electric guitar that I bought a few months ago is hanging on my wall as well. I'm trying to revive my teenager guitar days, but I'm a lousy musician and every time I play it I can't help thinking that I get better results with photography, cycling and motorcycling.
Please add my email address to your list. I want to be in touch and informed about your activity.
I wish a joyful new year to you and to your beloved ones.

Gordon, I'm sorry you're shuttering Shutterfinger but completely understand your reasons. It must be very difficult to keep coming up with original and interesting material. I've enjoyed your blog for the past couple of years and learned a thing or two (or more) along the way. Best wishes for the future, and I look forward to occasional posts on other blogs.


We're having a quiet Christmas morning so I decided to have a look at a few of my favourite sites before starting to make the trifle to take to Christmas dinner this evening. And so, I wish you and your family, who I feel privileged to have caught glimpses of through your blog, the merriest of Christmases and a happy, healthy and prosperous 2014.

I shall miss your blog, for although the internet is indeed awash with photo blogs, there are precious few that are as well written as yours. I thank you for the time and effort you have put into it, for the photos you have shared, and for getting me to think about a few things in different ways.

If there are things you would rather do...go and do them! Our lives are too short to fill our leisure time with tasks that aren't fulfilling!

Best wishes for whatever you choose to do in the future, although I must (selfishly) hope that it includes the odd guest post on TOP. Thanks again for creating and sharing Shutterfinger with us all.

Sorry to see you go. Thanks for everything

Thanks for your service to us. I hate to see good things end, but I am glad they end when they are good.

Gordon, I've liked your photos since I first saw your shot of the dog in the car at the gas station and have enjoyed your columns on Shutterfinger. I know you are writing a book on street photography and I would like to be informed of its publication. I don't see a contact email so can you use the email I have provided from this post to let me know when it comes out? Thanks, I look forward to your book and maybe some guest posts over on TOP and elsewhere.



I've noticed that you have been slowing down here recently (and I assumed you've been getting busier elsewhere. I'm going to miss your postings. They've always been helpful and informative.

All the best in your new pursuits.


John Baker

Sorry to see you go. Hope you change your mind. There are indeed plenty of photo blogs out there but yours stands out as being very unique. Thank you for sharing your wonderful photos, your knowledge and wisdom - you are inspirational. All the very best!

Thank you, it's been a fun trip!


Well, it's not a surprise, as I've noticed the interval between posts gradually increasing.

Just the same, it's a bit sad. Yes, there are lots of photoblogs, but very few are as thoughtful, interesting, and nicely illustrated with photos that appeal to me as yours has been.

I'm in Philly; I'd love to go shooting with you sometime.



You're right that there are many photo blogs... But blogs with thoughtful content and unique style? - not so many! Thanks for Shutterfinger and best wishes for the future.


I've always enjoyed your photos and your musings, and will miss your posts. All the best with your next chapter in life. Thanks for sharing over the years.

Cheers, Dan

Simply: thank you

Funny thing. Guitar got me, too. Photography fell away pretty quickly after I got my first one just over a year ago. (Yep - first one. Gear-acquisition syndrome is everywhere!)

Photography's made a comeback, though, and now the two happily coexist. So, maybe you'll be back. Otherwise, play on!

Thanks so much for your contribution to the online photography community. I sincerely enjoyed and learned a lot from your posts. Your honesty, most especially. I'd love to know when your book comes out or when you have prints for sale!

If you are as talented as guitar player as you are as photographer I'll see you when you start touring Europe ;-)

Thanks for your nice blog!


I found out about your blog belatedly when Mike Johnson of TOP mentioned that you were shutting it down. I read a few random samples of your blog posts and enjoyed them so much that I went back and read your postings from start to finish. Your thoughtful writing, gentle humor and inspirational photography have given me much pleasure and I am sad to see you go. However, I am very much looking forward to your upcoming street photography book, and will grab a copy as soon as it hits the streets.

Best wishes,
Harry Burris

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